La Sirena Cigars


Mariah Ditkowich

Mariah Ditkowich is the newest member of the La Sirena cigar family.   Started by her sister Arielle, the La Sirena story began in 2006 in New York City when Miami Cigar founder Nestor Miranda met Arielle Ditkowich at an event. He was immediately taken by her love of tobacco, desire to learn, and the way she connected with people. Over the course of time, he took Arielle under his wing and together they learned about the changing cigar market.  

In early 2008, the two decided to produce a cigar that would fit the profile of what today’s cigar aficionado wanted. At a round table discussion, a potential name for the new cigar was being discussed when Arielle asked, “What is the Spanish word for Mermaid?” The answer: La Sirena.

With the name in place and the desire to create a full bodied cigar, the team set off for Esteli, Nicaragua, where they began working with the Garcia family at My Father Cigars. Over the course of a few months, countless blends were rolled and smoked before the distinctive La Sirena profile emerged.  The brand followed up with its second release in 2012, The Merlion by La Sirena, created by La Aurora in the Dominican Republic with the medium bodied, full flavored smoker in mind.

A frequent Cigar Cruise guest, Mariah represents the La Sirena brand which is distributed nationwide and available at over 350 retail locations.